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Virginia cigarettes

Virginia Cigarettes are produced by Altria Group, which is also the maker of Marlboro Red Cigarettes and Chesterfield Cigarettes. This brand appeared in 1986, and in order to attract women, it had an interesting slogan like "Find your voice." The slogans changed but the success of this brand grew up more and more with new power and with big effort of the company. The package was designed by Walter Landor, who made it by giving to the pack an interesting and pleasant aspect. Cigarette of this brand has an elegant and glamorous appearance because of its length of 120 mm and it is slimmer than “king-size” type.

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Virginia Slims online

Virginia Slims online are created exclusively for women. Only hearing “Virginia” word we associate it with women since this product was created especially for ladies who appreciate good and qualitative things. It was a real innovation that made woman different and gave her a charm that was proper only for a smoking woman.This tobacco brand illustrates the self-confidence, freedom and style of women. It is a special one because of its amazing taste, slimness, lengthiness and remarkable soft flavor that make women always noticed. Due to all these characteristics and its soft aroma it can’t be compared with other cigarettes.

Low price Virginia Cigarette Brand were the first woman brand that put the foundation in production of other cigarette brands dedicated to women. This cheap brand changed stereotypes giving power to women and making them equal to men. Besides stereotypes these smoking cigarettes produced a revolution in the tobacco world, because this company made other companies compete with it producing other cigarettes for women.

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These cigarettes were an innovation and are the best ones, that’s why we assure you of brand's uniqueness and good quality that will delight you with its good taste and unforgettable aroma that make you inhale cigarettes smoke continuously.


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