UTSA Becoming Smoke Free

May 30th, 2014 00:00

Joe Izbrand is the UTSA Chief Communications Officer and he is the one who informed 1200 WOAI news that if someone wants to smoke cigarettes starting from Saturday that person will have to go away from the UTSA property to do that.

smoke free UTSA

The university started the procedure to go smoke free in 2012 when it prohibited smoking in all classroom structures.

In the last year, UTSA has gradually begun to press out all of the spaces where smoking is permissible.  Izbrand informs posters have been posted approximately the 1604, downtown, and Institute of Texan Cultures College grounds telling people of the approaching change, which will come into effect on May 31st.

Theoretically it will even be next to University regulations to smoke in your vehicle in a parking garage or parking lot but University administrators admit that rule will be hard to put into effect.

Izbrand affirms there are no sentences for breaking the law.  He also says everyone on university property will know about the law and will have to follow it.

The law doesn’t go only for regular cigarettes; it is about any type of tobacco like: pipes, e-cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and smokeless tobacco.

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