Ukraine Proceeds with its Fight against Smoking

March 10th, 2016 00:00

In a massive win for public health, Ukraine’s President has adopted a new legislation raising taxes on cigarettes by approximately 40 %. The law, which becomes effective on March 1, proceeds with the Ukraine’s strong determination to decreasing the damaging burden of tobacco-related illness. It was ratified in spite of the powerful resistance from the tobacco manufacturers and its allies.

against tobacco

Tobacco tax raises are one of the most efficient methods to decrease smoking and other tobacco use, particularly among vulnerable populations like youngsters and low-income smokers. Ukraine’s most recent cigarette tax boost raises on earlier steps the country has made in order to decrease tobacco use and its large influence on the country. These include things like a 100 % smoke-free legislation, a bar on nearly all varieties of tobacco advertising, graphic health warnings and previous tobacco tax boosts. These tested public health actions come in conformity with the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which forces parties to pass science-based approaches to fight the worldwide tobacco epidemic.

According to estimates, the smoking rate among Ukrainian men is among the highest worldwide, with half of all men using diverse tobacco products. The tobacco tax boost will help decrease Ukraine’s 115,000 yearly deaths from tobacco. We support the Ukrainian government for being strong against the tobacco industry and for its ongoing dedication to decreasing tobacco use.

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