Welcome to our FAQ page. Our professional support team is answering to all of your questions regarding a made or a possible order.

How do I place cigarettes order on Z-Cigarettes.com?

It is very simple to order cigarettes from our tobacco shop online:

Please select your favorite cigarette brand from the list of cigarettes in the home page. You will see more detailed info about the chosen brand on the each brand description page. After you have made your choice click the “Confirm order” button. You can continue buying other cigarette brands by continuing to order.

When order is declined what to do?

Your order can be declined due to one of the following reasons:

  1. You have made an error while entering the personal information;
  2. Our processing company does not work with your card type .
  3. Your card does not have sufficient funds to order;
  4. Technical problem; etc

In case you have any other questions regarding how to place an order on our site please contact our professional Support Center. They will be glad to help with any problem.

Can I place an order by fax or phone?

Unfortunately, no.

Is my personal data safe and confidential?

Yes, it is confidential and safe, because our company does not reveal any personal data of our customers to anyone.

I have not received a part of the order, what is wrong? (For example if you have ordered 6 cartons but received only 3 cartons)

Large orders, containing more than 3 cartons are usually shipped in separate packages. Unfortunately, we can’t pack such orders in 1 package, as otherwise they would be returned by the customs.

How many cigarette cartons am I able to order?

Your country is setting the limit. But, we recommend to our first-time customers to order a maximum number of 6-10 cartons.

My credit card was charged for my order but when I log on your site the order status in Unpaid. What should I do?

Please contact our Support Center. We will check your information and send your order within 24 hours.

Where are cigarettes from your company manufactured?

The cigarettes provided by our cigarette store are manufactured by European manufacturers at the highest safety and quality standards.

What is the status of my cigarette order?

Immediately after you have placed the order, you will receive the e-mails which will confirm that the order has been authorized and after that it will be shipped. In addition, you can contact our Support Center every time you have an issue to solve regarding your order..

What are my actions if I haven’t received my full order?

All cigarette products ordered by you are shipped to our clients on the same date. Please be patient and wait few more days for the full order to come. In case the missing cartons do not appear in terms please contact our Support Center and we either reship on our expenses the lost cartons or refund money for them.

How can I get in touch with your Client Services Center?

You can contact our Support Service Department, by sending your e-mail to support@Z-Cigarettes.com. Please, include the number of your order, and/or fully describe your problem, so that our professional support team could provide you the most efficient help.

When the cigarettes will be delivered if I confirm my order on Z-Cigarettes.com?

The order is shipped in period of 16-30 days. It depends on your location. Your satisfaction is our priority, that is why we will try to reduce shipping time.

How much is the shipping cost?

The shipping cost is $14.88 per carton.

Where do you ship cigarettes?

We deliver cigarettes in all states of USA and to Spain, the only state in Europe. We do not ship to Italy, Portugal or any other state in Europe.

Do you deliver by any mail couriers?

No. We work with ordinary Air mail only.

What assurances does www.Z-Cigarettes.com offer?

If the ordered product was stolen, damaged, or the parcel was lost, we assure resending the order refunding the money to you. It is a 100% warranty; you do not risk anything. The customers should get in touch with us at support@z-cigarettes.com and give order number and full description of the problem. Please don’t charge your money back through credit card companies as our processing company we are working with will restrict any other purchases on this site as well as on the other cigarette online retailers.

What Internet browsers do you recommend?

In order to get the best shopping experience, we recommend using Firefox web browser.

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