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  • Continent Superslims
    • Continent Superslims
    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • listed price per carton
    • minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit
    • $16.57
    • $20.71

Continent cigarettes

Continent cigarettes sale offer

Continent Cigarettes is a new smoke product that is manufactured under Innovation Tobacco Company License. Continent cigarettes are appreciated by smokers due its classic and original taste, also because of its high qualitative and attractive price.

The package of Continent cigarette brand is an elegant one being white with blue straps. These cigarettes are very popular because of its affordable price each person can buy them.

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Tobacco of these cigarettes is made from mixture of more tobaccos such as Burley, Virginia, Tobaccos. Smoking these cigarettes is a real pleasure because they give you a good aroma and sweet taste. Continent cigarettes are a popular smoking product and an unrepeatable one. The finest sorts of tobacco are selected with special care and processed with special applications of the latest technologies.

These cigarettes have double filters acetate ventilated and charcoal filter which create an obstacle for penetration of harmful substances.

Continent smoking brand is the latest brand produced by UK Innovation Company being a new one but reputable Tobacco Company that became popular with its famous Kiss cigarettes among women.

This cigarette product is a new one that's why not all smokers know about cheap Continent Cigarettes, we offer you Continent cigarettes with good quality and best prices. The flavor of these cigarettes is impeccable one and the cigarettes make your smoke formidable and makes you want to smoke them on and on till the end of it.

The finest sort of tobacco in these cigarettes gives a special taste making them unique and liked by smokers because of their rich and exclusive aroma that give thrilling sensations. has a pleasant surprise for you. We have a new sale offer on Continent cigarettes online. You can buy these brands at the lowest price of $12.49 per carton. Best cigarette offer ever.

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