Russia Wants To Introduce New Anti Smoking Law

June 4th, 2013 00:00

Cigarette smoking limitations came into power in Russia on Saturday. The president of Russia President Vladimir Putin expects that this new law will generate an improved labor force and assist overturn a populace turn down, but they meet rigid resistance in a state where four out of ten persons smoke.

russian smoking cigarettes

The events, part of a regulation Putin signed in February this year, that included a prohibition on smoking at universities and schools, sports facilities, museums, public transport and hospitals. In many cases there are spaces where smoking is already forbidden.

A lowest quantity cost for cigarettes is predictable to be put next January and the major confront to Russia's smoking civilization will appear in June in the year of 2014: an interdict on smoking in restaurants, hotels and cafes and on tobacco deals at boulevard kiosks.
Nearly 40 per cent of Russian people smoke cigarette brands, in comparison with 27 per cent in US 30 per cent from France, according to the WHO's newest information.

The standard Russian existence expectation is 69, next to 79 in the US and 82 in France, the World Bank confirms. There are worries concerning enforcement, and extensive dispute amongst Russians about the contact of the fresh act.

Implementing it was the correct thing to take act, said Alexander who is a resident in Moscow. He said he plans to give up smoking and believes this new law will help him.

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