No Smoking On Manhattan Beach

June 12th, 2014 00:00

The Manhattan Beach City committee voted collectively to accept a citywide open smoking forbid with the aim of including e-cigarettes — more and more accepted battery-operated devices to release nicotine in a vapor.

cigarettes in Manhattan Beach

Under the new regulation, which intends to decrease cigarette litter and secondhand smoke, smokers and electronic cigarette consumers can only light up officially on personal property, in moving cars or within a hotel room where smoking is allowed.

There is no selected area for smoking in the town.Everyone should want to have a healthy community.

At present, using cigarettes in Manhattan Beach is forbidden on the beach, Veterans Parkway, The Strand, as well as in parks and some places of free employment, such as restaurants and bars.

Under state regulation, smoking is as well forbidden in any open-air area within 20 feet of a most important exit or entry of a community building.

The regulation is intended to be self-enforcing, but an objection call to the city’s policy enforcement administrator or police section can effect in the smoker’s mention. A first-time violation is a $100 fine, then the second time $200-$250, and the third time $500.

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