French Cigarette Gauloises Won’t Be Made in France

April 24th, 2014 00:00

La Seita represents the major cigarette maker in France. The factory is closing the doors and relocates to Poland: three hundred twenty-seven employers might lose their jobs and Gauloises, one of the most important jewels of French artistic uniqueness, will not be created on French soil any more.

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Manuel Valls, just selected Prime Minister, did not interrupt in meeting complexity. The industrial unit in Carquefou, close to Nantes, produces almost 12.2 billion cigarettes each year, but is distressing from the drop in trading.
The French management is maintaining a short profile, and it is in a difficult condition. Gauloises cigarettes had poor sales in the last period compared to other cigarette brands.

The government doesn't say anything about this situation. The transfer of the tobacco factory is, indeed, a tough blow to the French ego.

With the relocation of Gauloises for Poland, an era appears to comprise definitively broken down. The French nation-state, where State limitations, artistic individuality and equipment of production united doesn't exist anymore.

The civilizing uniqueness of the nation is stroked by fate right in the heart of the country.

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