Early Smoking Pot Can Lower IQ When Adult

July 25th, 2013 00:00

Organizations in the front position of the against-tobacco force consider that tobacco is so lethal that all encouragement of smoking products must be forbidden.

While stress that adolescence are the major goal of cigarette promotion, they in addition called for complete physical condition cautions on all tobacco products packaging, counting big symbolic communication cautions us on the damaging effects of smoking.

They talked about these at a seminar to teach children from school about the damaging properties of smoking tobacco products at Ananda College, Colombo. smoking pot Addressing learners, Prof Fonseka summarize how encouragement aim young people and magnetizes them into this habit by supporting the practice that is connected with physical condition, sporting prowess, glamour, attraction and of course popularity.

He also told to many students that instead of qualities like those; smoking cigarettes or any other tobacco product makes you seem like not a wise person and in the same time makes you actually delicate and unappealing and lastly damages your health. At the event, organized by Cancer Care Association in partnership with works at Jeewaka Foundation, of the supposed investigation has established that tobacco depressingly influences the physical condition of a person's body and intelligence.

He also said that smoking is the habit that affects the persons who do it and the one that are around them. If persons are exposed too much time to the promotion of cigarettes than that person is more likely to smoke. Almost 20,000 people die in Sri Lanka because of smoking habit.

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