Do Smokers Distinguish Parliament Cigarettes from Marlboro cigarettes?

April 11th, 2013 00:00

There are almost 2 percent of smokers who are not able to differentiate Marlboro lights cigarettes from Parliament cigarette brand when their eyes are closed. Every smoker has favorite cigarette brands. They all have different tastes and it is very interesting how they express their individuality through smoking. Many of them prefer slims cigarettes, cigar smoking, special pipe smoking.

girl smoking cigarettes

Cigarette can be so different but in the same time so tasty and unique. They are menthol, soft, brown cigarettes, light and with charcoal filter. All of these characteristics can present a person’s income, style, sexuality and way of living. It is indeed weird, but there were just 2 percent of smokers who didn’t make a distinction among their favorite Marlboro lights and Parliament cigarettes.

In the past, Freuds followers explained this completely sexual method. When a man sees a woman with a cigarette in her hands he is excited and this figure represents a commonplace technique in advertisement.
We hence, smoke, need touches. This need goes on cigarettes. Smoking is associated with a feeling of calming and relaxing.

The most famous cigarettes prefered by smokers are Marlboro Red cigarettes, Classic cigarettes, Dunhill cigarettes.

Many persons smoke cigarettes or any other tobacco product if they are in some king of a stressful situation. Psychologists established that common tobacco smokers seek to fill up the lack of closeness with affectionate smoke.

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