Camel Maker Faces 3.8% Drop in the Q1 Cigarette Volume

July 25th, 2014 00:00

R.J. Reynolds’ local market cigarette volume in the course of the Q1 has declined by 3.8 % on that of the first quarter of last year, 14.9 billion.

Overall key brands volume increased by 1.2 % from 9.6 billion to 9.7 billion, pushed by a 2.5 % boost to 4.9 billion in sales of famous Camel brand. Sales of Pall Mall and the other key brands have declined by 0.1 % to 4.8 billion. Some other brand sales have fallen by 12.9 % from 5.3 billion to 4.6 billion.

Reynolds’ share of the U.S. retail market at 26.7 % has increased by 0.1 of a percentage point. The share of its key brands was stated to have been higher to 19.4 %, while the share of its other brands declined to 7.2 %.

Sales of American’s moist snuff cans in the course of the Q1 of 2014, at 116.9 million cans, have risen by 10.7 % on those of the Q1 of last year. Sales of Grizzly boosted by 12.1 % to 106.4 million, while sales of some other brands have fallen by 1.6 % to 10.5 million. Sales of Grizzly have boosted by 12.1 % to 106.4 million, while sales of other brands decreased by 1.6 % to 10.5 million.

American’s share of the U.S. market, at 35.6 %, increased by 0.7 of a percentage point. Grizzly’s market share raised to 31.5 %, while the share of the company’s other brands dropped to 3.1 %. RAI’s revealed operating revenue in the course of Q1 of 2014 declined by 33.5 % on that of the Q1 of last year. Adjusted operating revenue has fallen by 3.6 % to $665 million. “Reynolds American’s reportable business sectors went on to demonstrate great growth in the Q1, with solid market-share benefits on all their growth brands,” stated Daniel M. Delen, president and CEO of RAI.

Delen explained that Q1 overall performance mirrored three key benefits of RAI’s operating companies: superiority in advancement, superior involvement with adult cigarette consumers and successful performance. “All these tactics are not just powerful for success in a transformative environment; they also create the key of our companies’ competitive advantage,” he added.

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