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Ahram cigarettes

Ahram Tobacco has a high quality and unique flavor. The maker of this tobacco brand is GoldLine Tobacco Company. Goldline Tobacco makes different kind of tobacco and Ahram tobacco indeed. The company is manufacturing nearly 2000 kg per hour. Nowadays this Tobacco Company produces premium cigarettes, blending French Virginia tobacco.

This hookah tobacco is manufactured by special technology, blending premium tobacco adding different flavoring additives and sugar. This hookah tobacco will satisfy all requirements.

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Discount Ahram Tobacco can be found in our online cigarette shop in many varieties:

Ahram Energy Drink Tobacco – have invigorating and fresh flavor

Ahram Red Wine Grape Hookah Tobacco – tastes like red and juicy grape

Ahram Black Currant Hookah – is the most well known and frequently used tobacco type

Ahram Cherry Hookah Tobacco – have sweet flavor of cherry

Ahram Captain Black Hookah Tobacco – have the most saturated and strong tobacco flavor

Ahram Honey Melon Hookah Tobacco – mixture of melon and honey flavor

Ahram Jasmine Hookah Tobacco – have a great taste and sweet floral flavor

Ahram Mint Hookah Tobacco – have menthol flavor

Ahram Two Apples Hookah Tobacco – mixture of sour green apples and sweet red apples

Ahram tobacco online was manufactured for people who love shisha and was designed according to the Arabic recipe, prepared by traditionally Arabic recipe prepared by best sorts of tobacco from Germany.

Ahram hookah tobacco online evoke interest among persons who smoke and don’t smoke. This tobacco product receives respect from experts day by day. Ahram tobacco was created for smokers who prefer majestic tobacco flavor. Order from our cheap tobacco shop your favorite smoking product and we guarantee smoking satisfaction.

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